Monday, November 14, 2011

Building Believable Magic

Children have been raised to believe in fantasy – Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny, and fairy tales galore. What is the attraction? Why do we enjoy the fantastical realm? I think one reason is the fairy tale ending, “they lived happily ever after”. These five little words bring a warm cozy, safe feeling. After all, don’t we strive to find our very own “happily ever after” in real life?

In most fantasy stories, there is not an easy magical answer to every trivial problem – true magic needs what all good stories need…conflict. There also needs to be a real chance for the hero of the story to fail, after all, if he can simply magic his problem away, where is the suspense of the story? The reader needs to feel compelled to feel the adventure as they enter the magical realm and join the hero on his magical quest. One sense the author must develop in a work of fantasy is the sense of wonder – stretching your imagination to places it may never have traveled before, then going beyond those limits to expand into the vastness of the “what if”. It stirs feelings within us, a familiar recognition of a realm where anything is possible and you must expect the unexpected. In this world logic is stretched, tested and redefined. Often, along the way the champion will have to face fantastical beings often with their own magical powers and qualities.

In my fantasy series, Kylie (the writer of the group known as the destineers) keeps a journal as a chronicle of the group’s adventures. It is filled with entries about all the magical beings they encounter. Later volumes will address their magical lessons and recounting of the legends they witness in the making. But, for now, those stories are being categorized and recorded by ghost writers in the Cybrarie. For updates about the series and new postings in the forum or book review blog, join the Destineers’ Fan Page. Check out Kylies' journal about the creatures of fantasy they encounter in the Netherscape in The Destineers’ Journal of Fantasy Nations available on Amazon; autographed copies available through the Cybrarie or here.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Celebrate the Fun!

What a wonderful surprise to find out If Wishes Were Fishes has jumped way up in the ratings on Amazon! This book was so much fun to write and explore the possibilities of the "what if" as a young boy tries to puzzle his way through a weekend with his grandparents. JT loves visiting them, but they seem to have their own secret language. The young boy tries so hard to do everything they ask but hysterical misunderstandings happen all weekend long. This book will have you and your children giggling at their failure to communicate. The illustrations by Ginger Nielson are absolutley perfect. This In celebration we're sharing a coloring page from this fun tale. 4RV Publishing is having a holiday sale now through December 5 - check out Wishes and all the other great children's books on their site! If you would like your copy autographed I am more than happy to send you a personalized autographed bookplate.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Random Thoughts

My passion is family. I can't imagine life without any of them...yes, even the dogs!

My parents always told me ......if you can't think of anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Everyone has feelings and feelings are very fragile. This is a valuable life lesson. Words are important. They can wound deeper than anything you can physically do to a person, the wounds are so deep they are often unseen. I know this is sometimes a very hard thing to remember - life can come at you fast and sometimes words get blurted out, but remember the flip side of that coin is also true - words can also inspire someone and lift them higher than they have ever been before. It all goes back to "it's not so much what you say, as it is how you say it." It is the thought, the feeling and emotion behind the word that gives it so much strength.

My childhood ambition ...To write books! I love to write, to meet my characters and help them tell their stories. I feel like characters in a story need to be multi-dimensional. You need to really know your character, not just in the moment, but on a personal level, what has led them to this moment ~~ how they became who they are and how they react, in order to tell their story well.

My favorite memory ...there are so many to choose from, I couldn't possibly say. I have been blessed. This is very true. I have so many good memories from early childhood right up to now; choosing one to be my favorite would be like trying to select my favorite snowflake~~ they are all so beautiful and unique, how can you possibly choose? Why I write's a great creative outlet. I love to write...many genres...many ideas. I read somewhere that you should, every so often, write something that is outside of your comfort zone ~~ maybe something in a different genre. It tests you and stretches you and gives you a different perspective to look at and write about. What I am reading/watching/listening to ...ahhhh.....that is ever changing (lol).

My first full time job ......was working with autistic and schizophrenic children. That was awesome, life altering. You can really make a huge difference in someone’s life if you just take the time to care and show them you care.

My best moment ...was becoming a mother ~~ how can you possibly top that?....well, okay, my son's graduation was pretty awesome too! I have never felt so much pride before ~ you know how they say you are so full of pride you feel like you could just burst...I had always thought that was an exaggeration, but it's true! My inspiration ...definitely my son. I hope someday to be able to live up the image he has always made me feel that he had of me.

Are you playing along in our little game? Mention "If Wishes Were Fishes by NA Sharpe, illustrations by Ginger Nielson, is now available on Kindle and Nook" wherever you leave your cyber footprints and let me know when and where you posted any you will be entered in a drawing for a prize pack - the better the book's ratings get on Kindle and/or B&N the bigger the prize packs. How much of a buzz can we create? Just a thought...

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Important Thing is Not to Stop Questioning...What If???

Did you get that? "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. The important thing is not to stop questioning." This is one of my all time favorite quotes. Think about these words from one of the greatest minds there ever was. I think he must have been a writer at heart to say not to stop questioning..." in other words, "what if...." ahhh--a writer's mantra. What a philosophy Einstein had. I think it bears reflection; just a thought…

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Looking for a Good Book This Summer?

Now available on Kindle and on Nook:

Looking for some great suggestions for your summer reading? Here are suggestions you might enjoy on your digital devices:

by NA Sharpe, illustrated by Ginger Nielsen
Reading Level Ages 4-8
If Wishes Were Fishes is a hilarious picture book that will appeal to the young and the young at heart.
JT Trumanowski is a six-year old with a BIG problem…his grandparents! How do you survive a whole weekend alone with them when you do exactly what they say and still end up in so much trouble?!

A Wish and a Prayer

by Beth Bence Reinke, illustrated by Ginger Nielsen
Reading Level Ages 4-8
When Jason's parakeet flies out the window and is lost, he wishes on various objects in hopes of bringing his pet home. But is there something better than wishing? A story that gently teaches children the difference between wishing and praying.

Aldric & Anneliese by Harry E. Gilleland Jr.

Aldric & Anneliese is a tale of nation building, kings, knights, fair ladies, battles won and lost, triumph, betrayal, tragedy, revenge, redemption, and great loves It is a story for the ages.

Are you playing our game? Don't forget to mention If Wishes Were Fishes is now available on Kindle and Nook to be entered for a chance to win an autographed copy! Keep it for yourself or give it as a gift. Please help me get the word out - mention it on Facebook, on Twitter, in a blog ...or maybe you'll have other ideas to help me spread the word through cyberspace. Tell me on the blog Realms of Thought, on Facebook, or on Twitter @nasharpe when and where you mentioned it. You'll get an entry for each place and each time you mention If Wishes Were Fishes is now available on Kindle and Nook (double entries for anyone that purchases a copy). Contest runs through July 25 and the winners will be announced on July 26. Please help me build a buzz. I really appreciate your help in getting the word out - lets have some fun!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Let's Play a Game!!

I have an idea. Let’s play a game! My picture book If Wishes Were Fishes, illustrated by Ginger Nielson, was recently released into the digital world on both Kindle and Nook and now its time to spread the word. I thought I’d like to ask my virtual friends and family to help me by playing a little game. Are you in – do you want to play? (Please say yes!!)

I want to spread the word – really get it out there so I am asking my dear friends to simply mention it: on blogs, on Facebook, Twitter, in any social networks or groups you may be in, I don’t know…be creative! Please help spread the word about the new digital release and let me know where you have posted to help get the word out into the cyber-realm – each posting translates into an entry for autographed books and other goodies! Simply mention “If Wishes Were Fishes by NA Sharpe and Ginger Nielson is now available on Kindle and Nook” – it’s that simple. Each mention gets an additional entry; mention the contest to get more friends playing and you get double entries into our little contest – purchasing a copy (either paperback or digital) will get you five entries. Posting a review of the book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble will also get you five entries! The bigger we can get the buzz, the bigger the prizes will get. If we can get the Kindle and/or Nook ratings up into the top 100 children’s books will additionally win you a gift card of your choice of Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Please help me get the word out – tell me on my blog Realms of Thought, on my Facebook page, or on Twitter @nasharpe when and where you mentioned If Wishes Were Fishes is now available on Kindle and Nook. Contest runs through July 25 and the winners will be announced on July 26. Please help me build a buzz. I really appreciate your help in getting the word out - lets have some fun!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Releases in Children's and Young Adults Books

Witch & Wizard: The Gift
James Patterson (Author), Ned Rust (Author)

Product Description
When Whit & Wisty were imprisoned by the wicked forces of the totalitarian regime known as the New Order, they were barely able to escape with their lives. Now part of a hidden community of teens like themselves, Whit and Wisty have established themselves as leaders of the Resistance, willing to sacrifice anything to save kids kidnapped and brutally imprisoned by the New Order.

But the One has other plans in store for them: He needs Wisty, for she is "The One Who Has the Gift." While trying to figure out what that means, Whit and Wisty's suspenseful adventures through Overworld and Shadowland lead to a jaw-dropping climax and conclusion: the highly-anticipated fulfillment of the heart-pounding opening prologue of book one... The Execution of the Allgoods.

By Catherine Fisher
Product Description
In the dark Prison of Incarceron, the prisoners tell tales of a legendary man – Sapphique, the only inmate ever to escape. There are hundreds of tales of his exploits, but are any of them true? Did he even exist?

Attia and Keiro certainly think so, and when they hear that a crazy magician called Rix is using Sapphique’s lost Glove in his magical act, they’re determined to steal it. Meanwhile, out in the Realm, Finn is not finding being a Prince easy, and he’s tormented by doubts about his own identity.

I wanted to explore all our uncertainties about ourselves in this sequel to Incarceron. Who are we? Can we do the things others expect of us? And can we ever escape ourselves?
Expect the terrors of the Ice wing, a chain-gang, a duel, a masked ball, and the fearful anger of the Prison as it prepares to abandon its inmates to darkness and death forever.

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