Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Focus can be a paramount issue when writing. For instance, my current work in progress is a singular story following four separate and distinct story lines which are interwoven throughout the story. These four story lines are separate entities that begin to merge together to weave the tapestry of one master story. As far as each of the story lines are concerned, it is as though theirs is the only story being told. It is wickedly fun to have an inside view into each story line and yet keep them pure and separate until just the right moment.

Writing such a story of this nature also allows the author to hop in and out of the story lines, not to necessarily follow a linear time line. That is all well and good until it is 2:00 a.m. and each of the characters begin nudging my inner muse about their own ideas for their stories to follow. Divas.

As I always enjoy a good challenge, I have also taken to writing two versions of said story. One is most definitely a comedy, the other, a dark fantasy. The beginning and the ending and the primary points of the story will remain in tact. Some characters remain in both stories; some character’s personalities only allow one of the genres which add to the challenge and fun. It is amazing how changing the details and perspective of the story can totally morph the story into something totally new. Just a thought…


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