Sunday, May 11, 2008

Catholic Writers Conference Online

Wow! What a week this has been. The Catholic Writers Conference Online was awesome! Major kudos go out to the administrators Ann Lewis and Karina Fabian for a very informative and well organized conference.

There were many industry professionals there offering wonderful classes on blogging, book modeling, branding, character development, dialogue, contract basics and they even offered a class on pitching and working with agents. It was extremely beneficial. All of this was offered as a free online conference. There was no application fee or charge for the classes. There was a link to Paypal for any donations, at the attendees’ discretion. There was also an e-book made available for purchase.

I cannot emphasize enough how this pay it forward attitude of writers, agents, and publishers alike benefit those of us in the writing community. It affords a writing forum with opportunities to share with one another areas of expertise we have learned from working in this market. It offers many opportunities for networking and marketing through the network. For example, you may meet a writer at a conference such as this that is having a book release in the immediate (or maybe not so immediate) future. Through networking you may decide to help get the word out about her book in the form of participating in a promotional blog tour by posting an author interview or book review on your blog. In return the other author places a link from her blog to yours to encourage some of her audience to visit your site. You now have new readers coming to your site to meet you and get to know your work. Then, when your book is coming out, you have picked up some additional audience members who have enjoyed your work and are anxious for your book release. It’s a win-win concept.

I applaud these ladies for this very successful conference. Many thanks go out to each and every one of the presenters, the moderators, the administrators and attendees for their valuable contributions. I can hardly wait for next year’s symposium! You may want to hold some time on your calendar for this too, it is definitely a conference you won't want to miss! Just a thought...


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