Sunday, April 27, 2008

I am a Multi-Tasker

Currently I am reading three fiction books, two nonfiction books, dozens of daily blog subscriptions and Yahoo and Google group postings. I am writing three books...okay, you caught me, two books -- the third is sitting patiently on the shelf of frustration patiently waiting for me to get back to it.

Don't even get me started on the blogs I write and social networks I post regularly in (Myspace, Facebook, Yahoo groups - three dozen I believe, a couple Google Groups, Jacketflap, Shelfari, Children Writers and Illustrators, Book Marketing...the list marches on). I swear, that can be a full time job in itself!

Then, of course, there's life in general - family, dogs, work, dogs - yeah, they need a double dose of attention - and the car. Ah yes, the ever lovin' car that only a couple weeks ago I was so blissfully inattentive to any special needs of that durn contraption...then, Manny the mechanic (I swear) informed me my brakes were shot. I had only 3% left and was, in fact, driving a death trap. Mind you, the brakes gave me no problem stopping, no squeals of protest when applied. Nada. But, sigh, he used the words "death trap" so I replaced them. Now, every lovin' time I have to touch the brakes they SQUEAL with the most obnoxious mezzo soprano squeal...dogs follow me to see what all the noise is about. I have taken the car back to dear, sweet Manny...twice. Ahem. Alas, the third time better be the charm...

Just in case...has anyone got the godfather's phone number? I may just want to introduce Manny to him...just a thought....


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