Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just a Thought...Have You Ever Had One of "THOSE" Weeks???

It has been quite a week. One of those phenomenally crazy Murphy’s Law kind of weeks where everything that can go wrong….well, you get it. You know the kind of week I am talking about. You wake up one morning feeling…off. Not quite sick, but you can feel some little creepy crawly germy thing is looking to make your life miserable. The family is sick and you are running around like mad trying to make them feel more comfortable, back and forth to the doctor and pharmacy. Even the dogs are off this week – probably all the lovely weather changes that are even taking their toll on the poor little pups too. The car breaks down…no pun intended (last week the mechanic told me I needed new brakes so he replaced them. This week the brakes squeal in protest anytime you touch them…back to the mechanic, sigh.) And the piace de resistance, the CPA calls April 14 after allowing you foolishly think the tax thing is done and filed and right on track with the ever lovin’ IRS, and he needs "one more thing" that you have absolutely no clue how to track down…and you are on a writing deadline with nary a thought for inspiration or time to actually sit down and get it done. But, I love writing. So I will suck it up and stop ranting and immerse myself into the fantasy worlds I love to write about.

I hope you are having a nice, relaxing, peaceful weekend. And, for myself, here’s hoping for a productive remainder of the weekend to get at least a little bit caught up. Have a great week! Just a thought...


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