Thursday, February 14, 2008

Share the Love

I always thought of Valentine’s Day as a day for lovers. Until I found myself single on a “couples” day when everyone was walking hand-in-hand like they were about to board Noah’s Ark. Then a friend said something that put it into perspective.

“It doesn’t have to be about a guy,” she said. “When my siblings and I were growing up, my grandparents always sent us Valentines. It was a fun way for them to show their love for us.”

I thought…hmm…what a great way to repurpose an otherwise over-commercialized and exclusive holiday!

Often, in my fast-paced daily life (ok, so it’s really more like a runaway train), people I care about get lost in the shuffle: long-distance friends, extended family, and even people close to me who I don’t see regularly. So, why not use Valentine’s Day to share my love for them?

As a child, I remember exchanging Valentines in elementary school and it was always fun to send and receive those colorful paper tokens of love and friendship. My favorites were the ones with the mini chocolate bars taped to them.

Now, I’m off to the store to buy packs of paper hearts and Hershey’s miniatures! So, if you see a trail of ants climbing into your mailbox, you’ll know you have something from me.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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