Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Free Writing Class from Sarah Lovett

Another writing class being offered on the web comes to you from Sarah Lovett. The free class being offered is a peek into her current book entitled Dream It, Write It.

Sarah says storytelling is in our DNA. If you've been yearning to write anything from poetry to memoirs, you have taken the first step -- the realization of wanting to tell your story. "So much of the creative process has to do with what is unconscious - your mind is constantly generating ideas outside of the realm of consciousness. You are incubating story seeds and growing stories when you dream, day or night, when you drive to work, when you stir the sauce for your kids' favorite pasta or fold laundry, when you run the dogs or work on a jigsaw puzzle."

Isn't this a great image -- sowing the seeds of a story and growing them unconsciously.

This is a class for those who classify themselves as the dreamer - the ones who dream up the stories and need some helpful guidance in putting the words to paper.

Relax. Take a deep breath. Grab your paper and pens or your laptop and let Sarah show you how to take what already resides inside you and encourage it to take its beautiful shape on paper. Just a thought...


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