Tuesday, January 8, 2008

FREE Online Creative Writing class

Want to take a writing class to perfect your craft but find this difficult with personal time constraints or limited funds?

Here is a class I have found online that is free to writers offered from Steven Barnes. This is an online version of a creative writing class he has taught for a number of years at UCLA. It is a 9 week program. Since the class is offered in this online format, you can take advantage of this opportunity at your own pace, at whatever time of day suits you best.

For those unfamiliar with his work, Steven is a best selling author and Screen Writer. He has non-fiction articles which have appeared in such publications as Los Angeles Magazine, Karate Illustrated and the Daily News. His fiction work includes published short stories, novels and screen plays.

When asked why he is giving such valuable information away he stated he is paying it forward from information he has learned from others. A wonderful concept, just a thought....

For the link to the class, click on the title of this blog. Happy writing!


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