Saturday, January 5, 2008

Free Online Writing/Editing Class for Writers

Every now and then I discover online classes that I like to share with others. Recently I have learned of a workshop designed for writers by a woman well known in the writing community for both her writing and editing skills. This free class is a hands-on workshop exploring how an outline can help in the edit phase whether you are already an outliner or write in a purely organic style.

The particular workshop I am referring to is being facilitated by Margaret Fiske. Margaret writes in numerous genres such as literary fiction, science fiction, fantasy, romance and children's stories. She is currently a moderator at the Forward Motion community and feature editor of the award winning ezine Vision, providing articles for experienced and novice writers. Margaret is also copy editor for Double Dragon's Publishing's imprint, Dragon Tooth Fantasy.

In this free online workshop Margaret will share the numerous tools she has developed to assist her in writing and editing. Anyone who is interested is welcome. To take the course you must join Forward Motion, but membership is free. That is to protect first electronic publication rights as the class will be sharing portions of their work to get feedback and help. It's a wonderful opportunity and I hope to see many of you there.

Join using the "Join" link:

Happy writing and I hope to hear your thoughts on the class.


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