Friday, November 12, 2010

Bugs Invade the Third Grade! Book Review: The Bug That Plagued the Entire Third Grade by Lori Calabrese

Matt, like many young boys, is fascinated by things that are creepy, crawly and captivatingly interesting. He loves to look through his books on backyard bugs and once was even able to identify a very interesting hickory horned devil caterpillar he found in his cellar. It is easy to see how the news of the upcoming Bug-A-Fair excites the lad. After all, whoever wins this prestigious science fair is sure to capture the teacher’s praise and become the most popular kid in class. Matt is dreaming of that honor and his quest to become Student of the Year as he pulls a fine specimen off the grille of his father’s car – one that is sure will win him first prize at the Fair, but another bug bugs him as it travels throughout the third grade. Join Matt and his class for a very exciting day in this very clever tale of more than one kind of bug causing havoc in the third grade classroom.

Ms. Calabrese’s rhyming tale is sure to be one that is read over and over. This witty story will tickle the funny bone of the young reader as they join Matt and his class on a day that turns much more exciting than anyone anticipates.

The full color illustrations by Chet Taylor are sure to delight their audience as they perfectly compliment this entertaining tale.

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I highly recommend this book - it is definitely a story that will be read over and over again and sure to become a favorite story time request.


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