Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Writer's Journey

As fiction writers we make an incredible journey. It begins with envisioning a book concept and developing believable characters with precisely the right voice for telling the tale. We nurture the concept and characters and tweak them till they are just right. After much preliminary work we begin the actual art of storytelling - putting it all on paper, hopefully in a manner that engages our readers bringing them happily into the fictional world we have created - immersed and enthralled in the tapestry of the story threads. The tale is written, rewritten, polished and edited until we feel it is finally ready for submission to the ever elusive publisher.

The task of researching publishers that are looking for the particular type of work we have created, coming up with a "can't miss" marketing plan, querying said publisher and nervously awaiting their response is an arduous task. Will our story be embraced, or will we receive the infamous letter of rejection? Anxiously we wait to hear - it can be days, weeks, even months before the verdict of the publisher's interest or decision to pass is made known to us. The wait is grueling. If the publisher is interested, will a partial manuscript or the entire manuscript be requested? Once again, you find yourself playing a waiting game, repeatedly checking your mailbox and hoping for the offer of a contract. Only time will reveal the publisher's final decision to embrace your work or decline it leaving you to begin the publishing search again.

Finally, your labor of hard work and love has been accepted by a publisher...and there are more edits and polishing that take place. At long last it is beginning to look like your dream is about to become a reality. Soon you will be able to hold your book in your hands, and, more importantly get it to your readers - the fans that will embrace your story and clamor for the sequel.

I’ve been very fortunate with two books to my credit – The Destineers’ Journal of Fantasy Nations, a young adult guide book to the members of the fantasy nations and If Wishes Were Fishes, a humorous picture book teaching kids people may mean what they say, they just don’t always say what they mean…clearly. To find out more, please visit my author's site or my fantasy site, the Cybrarie.

I am so excited – this is one of my favorite weeks of the year – when the Muse Online Writers Conference takes place. I am like a kid in a candy store - there are publishers and agents in attendance wanting to find out about your current work, many wonderful writers, editors and illustrators from all over the world to network with and so many wonderful workshops to participate in. Bookmark my blog and check back often to see some of the things I learn from these wonderful classes. Hope to see you here often!


Judy said...

Thanks for the suggestion, I will be back!

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