Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Release Tuesday in the Realms of SciFi and Fantasy

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II by Sean Williams
Product Description
As ruthless apprentice to Darth Vader, Starkiller was mercilessly schooled in the ways of the dark side, commanded to exterminate the last of the purged Jedi Order, and groomed for the ultimate Sith power play: assassination of the Emperor. He served without question, killed without remorse, and lost his heart without warning to beautiful Imperial fighter pilot Juno Eclipse, never suspecting that he was just a tool in the schemes of his masters—until it was too late to escape their lethal betrayal.Juno mourned Starkiller as dead...but now he is back, purged of all memories and programmed to kill. And as fate brings Juno and Starkiller closer to reuniting, with Darth Vader determined not to lose his assassin a second time, they will both have to make a stand. The prize is freedom. The punishment for failing will be eternal enslavement to the dark side of the Force...

Fable: The Balverine Order by Peter David
Product Description
The days of magic and adventure are fading away, giving way to the age of industry and science. As the aged last Hero sits upon the throne of Albion, two friends-the privileged Thomas and his loyal servant, John- set out for the East in search of a legendary beast: the vicious, rarely-seen balverine. But their desire for adventure may be their ultimate undoing-because their quarry has just found them...


Beverly Stowe McClure said...

These sound good. I especially like Star Wars. Wish the day had more hours for reading and writing. Thanks for telling us about these.

N A Sharpe said...

Hi Bev,
Star Wars is always a good choice for me too. I know what you mean - it can be really hard coming up with the time for reading and writing.

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