Monday, October 15, 2007

Pass It Forward

Well, the 2007 Muse on Line Writing Conference has come to a close. There were over 1900 writers registered for the week long symposium. With 100 separate forum workshops, and about 75 scheduled hour-long chat workshops, there was definitely something for everyone. All sorts of industry professionals were there: publishers, editors, writers at all stages of their career ~ brand spanking new to many times published. People came from literally all over the globe: USA, Canada, Australia, S Africa, New Zealand...everyone together in a virtual forum sharing precious knowledge and advice. The workshop was completely interactive, offering opportunities to think outside the box and out of you normal writing comfort zone.

Lea Schizas, the founder of this golden opportunity, dedicates herself to sharing her knowledge and experience with others. Her mantra is "Pass it Forward," a philosophy she shares with all who come in contact with her. She demonstrates her philosophy of unconditional good will by living by her own example. The bar has been set high for any who accepts her challenge to "pass it forward".

I cannot begin to express how invaluable the experience was. What is even more incredible, is Ms. Schizas does not charge for this event - everything is absolutely free. She has a Paypal account for anyone wishing to donate to this amazing event that would literally cost participants hundreds of dollars to experience anywhere else. There is no required payment, anyone who would like to donate even $5 for this event will help defray the expense of running the event. Any proceeds exceeding costs of this year's events will be allocated to next year's conference. This conference is growing by leaps and bounds. More than 700 additional participants joined the event this year. This was the second year for the annual event, and plans have already been started for next year' s conference. The 2008 Muse conference will take place from October 13 - October 19.

The registration boards are currently open for next year's extravaganza, so register early, come ready to learn and share this wonderful experience. I have attached a link to the registration boards. You have nothing to lose and opportunities of limitless possibilities to gain.


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