Friday, September 21, 2007

Do You Need Inspiration?

Its habitual. Every day I sit down at the computer and open my email. Like most people, there are those spam emails you try fervently to get rid of, the e-mails that make you smile that come from friends, e-mails that draw you back into reality and responsibilities, perhaps even some newsletters.

It started like a typical day, checking emails. In a newsletter from a writing group I subscribe to, I received an email with this link...."Do You Need Inspiration?" Good title. Good post. Little did I know it was a harbinger for the day ahead.

Like many of us who are getting older, there are some days when life's responsibilities seem to ...landslide. Today was such a day. Today was one of those day that is a series of photographs in the memories that live in my mind.

It started with an inspiring "Kodak moment" playing out in the realms of my memories. Like a slide show of my son growing up, a barrage of happy "memory photos" of his past: running outside and playing with the dogs. Today, my son graciously put the dogs' new doghouse together for them before he left for his "Western Civilization Since 1648" class. (Alas, he is now in college, no longer a little boy.) Gryffindor (the husky) seemed to be admiring my son's handiwork and the new house...sort of...I guess, she was sniffing around supervising at any rate.

As he left for class, I left to check on my mother as she is getting along in years and health concerns have been catching up with her, seeming to compound over the past several months. Today was one of those days that leaves me concerned with her living alone as she so adamantly insists. When I arrived this morning, she had fallen. She twisted her ankle, it is swollen and is painful, but, luckily, doesn't appear to be broken. I made sure she had eaten and stayed with her as she laid down to take a short nap as the day had taken its toll on her. Enter the second "Kodak moment" slide show ~~ where I was growing up and our roles were reversed, she was taking care of me. (Sigh. They say the day comes when the roles reverse and the child becomes the parent. I suppose that time has arrived. I only hope I can care for her as well and as lovingly as she did for me.)

Then, I came home to find Gryffindor in the doghouse....well, her head was in it, the rest of her was laying on the grass... I suppose she was thinking of calling in her own design team to decorate her new abode. This dog is full of personality and has a wonderful sense of humor!! Scooter (our Yorkie) had been outside chasing butterflies and decided it was time to take a break and come inside. As he happily lopped across the yard (still watching the butterflies) he suddenly jumped backwards, jaw hanging open in surprise. A snake sat up in the grass staring at him. Gulp! The snake slithered away without incident and Scooter ran quickly towards me, into the safety of our back porch. Apparently Scooter was bringing a friend along with him as a butterfly quickly flew into the porch and lit gracefully on the screen, unfurling the most beautiful pair of indigo blue wings... I think I found some inspiration.


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