Friday, November 11, 2011

Celebrate the Fun!

What a wonderful surprise to find out If Wishes Were Fishes has jumped way up in the ratings on Amazon! This book was so much fun to write and explore the possibilities of the "what if" as a young boy tries to puzzle his way through a weekend with his grandparents. JT loves visiting them, but they seem to have their own secret language. The young boy tries so hard to do everything they ask but hysterical misunderstandings happen all weekend long. This book will have you and your children giggling at their failure to communicate. The illustrations by Ginger Nielson are absolutley perfect. This In celebration we're sharing a coloring page from this fun tale. 4RV Publishing is having a holiday sale now through December 5 - check out Wishes and all the other great children's books on their site! If you would like your copy autographed I am more than happy to send you a personalized autographed bookplate.


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