Thursday, August 26, 2010

If Wishes Were Fishes - The Tour Continues!

Meet Author Christy Condoleo: There are so many sides to a Gemini and fortunately she is the epitome of them all. Christy expressed her creative side from the time she had aspirations of starting her own comic in elementary school. She began writing for the school newspaper with interviews, poems and even drawing the cover for the Christmas issue.

Christy wrote on and off for a few years before joining the United States Air Force. Even in the military she dabbled in writing by creating a step by step continuity book which was bench marked by other squadrons on the base and won her an award certificate. After her six years with the military she joined the Long Ridge Writer's Group.

Christy designs and makes her own promotional materials to promote her books.

Christy has written four books: Gasgeil's Bravery, a 32 page picture book, Tyme's Hope, a fantasy for young readers, Spirit Feathers, Volume I , a collection of short stories, Fragments of the Key: Eala's Misfit, this is the first of seven books in the Fragments of the Key series.

Please link over with me now to Christy’s blog and site and learn more about this author!


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