Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Giving Meadow

Today I am honored to have Stephanie Burkhart, author of The Giving Meadow, joining us. The Giving Meadow is a wonderfully charming story of the life of a young caterpillar and the friends and lessons in sharing he learns along the way. Stephanie is currently on a virtual tour for her new release and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to host her. Steph...

I just want to thank Nancy for having me today on my blog tour for my children's book, "The Giving Meadow."

Just a little about me: I was born in Manchester, NH but live in Castaic, California with my husband, Brent, and two sons, Andrew and Joseph. I have fond memories of Manchester, but have made California my home. I earned a BS in political science from California Baptist University in 1995.

I have been writing since I was 5, first making homemade comic books. Now, I work on creating short stories and novels. I spent 11 years in the US Army and over 7 years in Germany. Writing is a passion that still challenges me. The Giving Meadow is my first children's book and my first book with 4RV Publishing.

The Giving Meadow is about a caterpillar who hatches from his egg in the middle of a meadow. As he travels through the meadow, he meets new friends who learn the value of sharing.

I go to Blessed Kateri Catholic Church (in Santa Clarita, CA) and I'm involved in our Sunday Preschool program. We call it Little Church. The program works with 3, 4, and 5-year-olds. I help to teach the 3's along with 3 other talented ladies, Shirley Chang, Maureen Dunahoo, and Mary Tesselaar. Every year I help to write the Easter play for the children. In 2009, "The Giving Meadow" was our Easter play.

After I wrote it, I showed Vivian at 4RV. She's also a moderator at and I wanted her feedback on the story. She offered it a contract! I was tickled pink. It was a nice, unexpected surprise. I can't thank Vivian (Gilbert Zabel, publisher, 4RV Publishing) for believing in the story and wanting to bring it to life.

"The Giving Meadow" is wonderfully illustrated by Stephen Macquignon. Stephen primarily works in the medium of pen and ink and color digitally. He has had the privilege to work with Director Michael Sporn of Michael Sporn Animation Inc. He is also a monthly contributor for Stories for Children's magazine.

Stephen's children's books with 4RV Publishing include Angeline Jellybean by Crystalee Calderwood and Colors by Dana Warren.

"The First Flag of New Hampshire," by Stephanie, will be released by 4RV Publishing next year. It is a TW/Young Adult story.


GOODIE TIME: Leave a post here on the blog. I'll pick two lucky winners to receive an autographed postcard of the cover. Winners will be drawn out of a hat, and I'll return on 15 AUG to announce them.







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StephB said...

Nancy, thanks so much for having me today. Caterpillar and I love visiting new places.


N A Sharpe said...

Steph it is so nice to have you here today - wishing you much success with your tour and this enchanting book! I know I want to get a copy for my great niece!


StephB said...

Nancy, thanks much. I'm going to get a copy of your book as well. I want to get a 4RV collection for our Sunday Preschool.


N A Sharpe said...

Oh thank you, Steph! You are so sweet. I know what you mean 4RV has a LOT of really great children's books. I'm starting a library for Mae :)

Beth Reinke said...

Nice interview, ladies! I think Caterpillar must be getting tired, as many cyber miles as he has walked. ;o)

N A Sharpe said...

Thanks for stopping by Beth -

I think Caterpillar is up for the challenge. He loves a good aventure and meeting new cyber friends, I'll bet!

StephB said...

Caterpillar finds something new to eat on every visit. He's poking around Nancy's cupboards now. Nancy, do you have something for Caterpillar? I think he's looking to fatten up a little. LOL!!

I'm very impressed with the 4RV Children's collection.


N A Sharpe said...

Oh hey, Caterpillar help yourself to whatever you like. There's some really nice fruit salad in the fridge, maybe some rainbow sherbert for dessert or maybe you feel like ordering a little take out!

StephB said...

Take out!! Caterpillar is dying for some Orange Chicken from Panda Express. I see a very full tummy in the future.


Gina said...

Hi! Great interview on a beautiful book! Congratulations, Stephanie. Hi, Nancy, your site is awesome.

Helen Ginger said...

It sounds like a cute story for kids. Stephen, the cover is darling.

Have a great tour!


N A Sharpe said...

Hi Gina and Helen,
Thanks so much for stopping by. This is an awesome book for kids, and Helen, all of the illustrations are gorgeous - Stephen did an incredible job.

Stephen Macquignon said...

Thank you it was a pleasure to illustrate this book

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Just wanted to drop in and say HI to Stephanie and NA. What a tour you and the caterpillar are on. LOL
And the chicken sounds scrumptious. Can you email me a bite???
(Oh, don't enter me in the contest please as I won something already.)

StephB said...

Gina - Nice to see you, Sweetie.
Helen - Nice to meet you on the tour. I agree with Nancy, the illustrations are gorgeous.
Rebecca - Hi. Caterpillar waves his front foot to all.

Congrats to Gina & Helen - the autographed postcard winners. Ladies, send me an email at or with your snail mails and I'll get those PCs out to you! Thanks so much to everyone supporting the tour.

The next stop is Beverly Stowe McClure's blog on 16 AUG. Check my blog for all the tour dates at: Http://


N A Sharpe said...

Stephen and Rebecca,

Thanks so much for stopping by. Rebecca, if there is anything that Caterpillar has taught us is the joy and friendship in sharing a meal - virtual chicken all around!
Stephan, the illustrations are gorgeous - so glad to see you here!


Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your tour - wishing you continued success.


Maggie Toussaint said...

Hi Steph!

Happy blog tour for you and caterpillar!

Hugs, Maggie

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