Saturday, November 7, 2009

History of Magic - Celtic Magic

There are 7 Beliefs for Manifesting Real Magic in the Celtic Realm:

1. There is an invisible but knowable life force within you.
2. Your thoughts are something you control and they originate within you.
3. There are no limits other than those you place upon yourself.
4. Your life has purpose.
5. You overcome weaknesses by leaving them behind.
6. When you examine what you believe to be impossible, you can then change your life.
7. You can go beyond logic.

These are the building blocks, the very foundation of the Celtic beliefs. To the Celtic people, magic was a part of life. It was as common as walking or breathing. It encompassed all parts of life and nature.

They saw magic as any thought, act or ritual that influenced change in the energies that surround us. An example of this is creating a blessing on a crop to increase a harvest.

Rituals were predominant in Celtic magic. It was believed to open doors to the subconscious and creative mind and allow magical energy to flow through. Any outcome at all was considered a magical response.

Next time, we'll take a deeper look at Celtic tradition.

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Karen Walker said...

Nancy, you're helping me with my research. Thanks.

N A Sharpe said...

Hi Karen, I am having so much fun researching this for my book - it is so interesting!

Nancy, from Realms of Thought…

The Old Silly said...

I really gotta check this blog more often - missed this one last weekend, but glad I read it now. Celtic mythology is of great interest to me. Thanks for this info!

Marvin D Wilson

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