Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Release Tuesday In the Realms of SciFi and Fantasy

Star Trek: Titan: Synthesis by James Swallow (Author)
Product Description: The Starship Titan continues on her outward voyage of discovery. Ranging farther and farther from Federation space, Captain William Riker and the crew look forward to living Starfleet's mission: seeking out new life, discovering new civilizations.

Striking a "sandbank" -- a spatial distortion -- the Titan is knocked out of warp, her crew shaken up but uninjured. Titan has stumbled across a battlefield, and floating in it, shattered and in pieces, are the remains of a ship. Searching for survivors, they discover the ship never had a crew. The away team removes the computer core, looking for answers. Once the device is restored, it becomes clear this is not just a computer, but a thinking, reasoning artificial intelligence.

It identifies itself as SecondGen White-Blue, and it comes from a civilization composed entirely of sentient computers. Eons ago these artificial intelligences were charged to be the first line of defense against The Null -- a destructive force so all-consuming that generation upon generation have waged unending war trying to find a way to beat back this terror. Captain Riker offers to assist them, but years of war have left the AIs distrustful and suspicious, especially of organics.

The tide of the battle is turning, and The Null is winning. Set free, it will destroy everything in this system and then, unchecked, spread its mindless destruction into the heart of the Federation.

Kris Longknife: Undaunted by Mike Shepherd (Author)

Product Description: Kris Longknife encounters some peaceful aliens who have come to warn humanity of an unidentifiable force that is roaming the galaxy, obliterating everything in its path-a path now leading directly toward the human worlds.

Never After by Laurell K. Hamilton (Author), Yasmine Galenorn (Author), Marjorie M. Liu (Author), Sharon Shinn (Author)

Product Description: The bonds of love...The bonds of matrimony...The bonds between husband and wife...Let's face it—some bonds are made to be broken.Here, for the first time ever, are four stories from today's most provocative authors that take the classic idea of the "faerie tale wedding" and give it a swift kick in the bustle.
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Galen Kindley--Author said...

Hi, Nancy. Looking over your selections, I'm picking Star Trek: Titan. Of course, anything ST--or Harry--cannot be bad by definition, right? This one, looks interesting. SO, it's my choice today.

Best Regards, Galen.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Oooo! The Star Trek book caught my attention. Always love a good Trek tale!

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