Monday, September 14, 2009

Once Upon a Time...A Real Life Fairy Tale

I was catching up on the news of the week and came across the most amazing stories I have ever heard.

Mom's Primal Instincts Save Young Son Caught in Cougar Headlock.

Here’s the retelling of the story, and since the facts of the story are totally amazing, they remain intact – entirely unembellished.

Once upon a time a family went for a fun-filled day of adventure and hiking at a nearby state park. Suddenly screams filled the air – a cougar bounded out of the forest and pounced on the young boy. It had the five-year-old son’s head in its mouth and was dragging the boy away.

The boy’s mother realized if something wasn’t done quickly, she could lose her precious child. She summoned her will - calling on all of her strength, courage and power - and immediately sprang into action revealing her true identity as real life honest-to-goodness fairy godmother. Intent on saving the child she grabbed her water-bottle shaped wand and began beating the cougar. The stunned family watched in amazement as this brave fairy godmother delivered about 15 blows to the animal. Unleashing primal shrieks she called on all of the powerful and magical forces of nature from the powers that be. The stunned cougar could feel the powers swell in the air and dropped the child.

The family, joyful that the brave act worked, swooped in and reclaimed the beloved boy. Blood was everywhere and deep gashes covered the mangled little forehead. Fear made their blood run cold and they knew time was not on their side.

As if their feet suddenly sprouted wings the young family virtually flew two miles back to their waiting car. According to park officials, as they sprinted through the forest, the disgruntled cougar stealthily followed along waiting for an opening to reclaim his prize! It was a battle of wills – a living tug of war for the life of the child.

After what must have seemed hours of running, the family reached the awaiting chariot…uh, car…and sped off in search of medical assistance for the young boy. At long last, they made it to the local medical facility and got the young child to a doctor.

Moral of the story…believe. Believe in yourself, in the power of a mother's love, in magic, and of the never-ending wonders of the powers that be. Quick thinking can reverse the outcome of what seems to be an obvious and predictable story ending.

The little boy and his family? Well, the child needed stitches, but is going to be fine.

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L. Diane Wolfe said...

That is a good moral, too!

L. Diane Wolfe “Spunk On A Stick”

N A Sharpe said...

Hi Diane, thanks!I was in awe when I saw the video clip of the news feature. Amazing.

Karen Walker said...

Just wanted to say hi, Nancy. You always leave such lovely comments on my blog. Thank you,

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