Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Release Tuesday for Sci-fi and Fantasy

Here are this week's new release suggestions for the realms of sci-fi and fantasy:

The Magicians: A Novel by Lev Grossman (Author)
Quentin Coldwater, a Brooklyn high school student devoted to a children's series set in the Narnia-like world of Fillory, is leading an aimless existence until he's tapped to enter a mysterious portal that leads to Brakebills College, an exclusive academy where he's taught magic. Coldwater, whose special gifts enable him to skip grades, finds his family's world mundane and domestic when he returns home for vacation. He loses his innocence after a prank unintentionally allows a powerful evil force known only as the Beast to enter the college and wreak havoc. Eventually, Coldwater's powers are put to the test when he learns that Fillory is a real place and how he can journey there. Genre fans will easily pick up the many nods to J.K. Rowling and C.S. Lewis, not to mention J.R.R. Tolkien in the climactic battle between the bad guy and a magician.

Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway (Paperback)
A wildly entertaining debut novel, introducing a bold new voice that combines antic humor with a stunning futuristic vision to give us an electrifyingly original tale of love, friendship and the apocalypse.There couldn’t be a fire along the Jorgmund Pipe. It was the last thing the world needed. But there it was, burning bright on national television. The Pipe was what kept the Livable Zone safe from the bandits, monsters and nightmares the Go Away War had left in its wake. The fire was a very big problem. Enter Gonzo Lubitsch and his friends, the Haulage & HazMat Emergency Civil Freebooting Company, a team of master troubleshooters who roll into action when things get particularly hot. They helped build the Pipe. Now they have to preserve it—and save humanity yet again. But this job is not all it seems. It will touch more closely on Gonzo’s life, and that of his best friend, than either of them can imagine. And it will decide the fate of the Gone-Away World.Equal parts raucous adventure, comic odyssey, geek nirvana and ultracool epic, The Gone-Away World is a story of—among otherthings—pirates, war, mimes, greed and ninjas. But it is also the story of a world, not unlike our own, in desperate need of heroes—however unlikely they may seem.

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Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

We're definitely going to ck out "The Magicians" here. Thanks, Nancy!

Mystery Writing is Murder

Nick Valentino said...

Must have Gone Away World! It sounds great!


Anonymous said...

Mimes, greed, and ninjas? What in the world? I actually have these three elements in the book I'm currently writing. What are the odds?

Stephen Tremp

Donna M. McDine said...


Thanks for the recommendation. If only there were more than 24 hours in a day.

Best wishes for your continued success.

Children’s Author
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Donna M. McDine’s Website

N A Sharpe said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! These are both excellent suggestions with elements that intrigue. Happy reading!

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