Sunday, May 3, 2009

Who is Your Favorite Fiction Character?

When you are reading a novel, what characters inspire you? Do you revel in the security of a favorite (although possibly cliched) stereotype? Are you looking for a hero - someone to place on a pedestal and revere? Maybe you prefer someone you can more easily identify with, a character that is real and flawed? Perhaps you like to pep up your characters to be a notch above the normal average Joe.

I write books for children through young adults. Lately my focus has been in the genre of fantasy. Look at some of the more popular works throughout time - Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Alice as she journeys through the looking glass, and, of course, one of this generation's popular boy wizards - Harry Potter. What do these timeless characters have in common? The authors of each of these works have brilliantly developed characters their audience can truly embrace. Characters that step off the page, grab their reader's hand and take them on an adventure they won't forget. Who are some of your favorite characters in literature today?


Beverly Stowe McClure said...

My favorite characters today ...
I think Jenna in Mary E. Pearson's The Adoration of Jenna Fox has stayed with me longer than most. Usually I like the character I'm reading about at the moment. I liked Mary in The Forest of Hands and Teeth, until the ending, then not so much.

Now, I'm going to check the stops on your blog tour.

N A Sharpe said...

Oooh - I haven't read The Adoration of Jenna Fox yet, thanks for the suggestion. I'll definitely put it on my to be read shelf and check it out.

We're not on a blog tour yet - learning how to build up our blogs and basics for starting a tour first. I'll let you know when we "graduate" and start touring. In the meantime, check out the other blogs - they are some great reads!

Thanks for stopping by Beverly!

NA Sharpe

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Oh, I see. Yes, please let me know when you "graduate." Blog tours are really popular.

I enjoy all of Mary Pearson's books. The Adoration of Jenna Fox has been optioned for a movie, I think. She has a new one coming out soon, can't recall the title.

Have fun in you class.


Patricia Stoltey said...

Flawed heroes are my favorites, especially those in mysteries or thrillers. The best example is Lee Child's Jack Reacher.....Pat

N A Sharpe said...

Oh, that's a good one, Pat!
Thanks for stopping by.


Dr.Mani said...

My favoritest (is that a legal word?!) fiction character of all time is and has been Mario Puzo's Godfather, Vito Corleone. The older I get, the more deeply I appreciate his final words: "Life is beautiful"


All success
Author: "Think, Write & RETIRE!"

N A Sharpe said...

The theme to the Godfather is now playing in my head, lol.

Author of: The Destineers' Journal of Fantasy Nations

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