Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some Brief Thoughts This Beautiful Mother's Day Morn

My passion is family. I can't imagine life without any of them...yes, even the dogs!

My parents always told me ......if you can't think of anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Everyone has feelings and feelings are very fragile. This is a valuable life lesson. Words are important. They can wound deeper than anything you can physically do to a person, the wounds are so deep they are often unseen. They can also inspire someone and lift them higher than they have ever been. It all goes back to "it's not so much what you say, as it is how you say it." It is the thought, the feeling and emotion behind the word that gives it so much strength.

My childhood ambition ...To write books! I love to write, to meet my characters and help them tell their stories. I feel like characters in a story need to be multi-dimensional. You need to really know your character, not just in the moment, but on a personal level, what has led them to this moment ~~ how they became who they are and how they react, in order to tell their story well.

My favorite memory ...there are so many to choose from, I couldn't possibly say. I have been blessed. This is very true. I have so many good memories from early childhood right up to now; choosing one to be my favorite would be like trying to select my favorite snowflake~~ they are all so beautiful and unique, how can you possibly choose?

Why I write's a great creative outlet. I love to write...many genres...many ideas. I read somewhere that you should, every so often, write something that is outside of your comfort zone ~~ maybe something in a different genre. It tests you and stretches you and gives you a different perspective to look at and write about.

What I am reading/watching/listening to ...ahhhh.....that is ever changing (lol)

My first job ......was working with autistic and schizophrenic children. That was awesome, life altering. You can really make a huge difference in someone’s life if you just take the time to care and show them you care.

My best moment ...was becoming a mother ~~ how can you possibly top that?....well, okay, my son's graduation was pretty awesome too! I have never felt so much pride before ~ you know how they say you are so full of pride you feel like you could just burst...I had always thought that was an exaggeration, but it's true! My inspiration ...definitely my son. I hope someday to be able to live up the image he has always made me feel that he had of me. Just a thought....

It seems days like this when the family is gathered near, I get nostalgic. Thinking of days gone by...happy thoughts...and the memories that lie ahead waiting to be made. What are some of your memories and happy thoughts? Happy Mother's Day!


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Happy Mother's Day, Nancy! I think it's wonderful that you achieved your childhood dream.


N A Sharpe said...

Thanks Elizabeth!

Yeah, as a child I either wanted to write books...or own a Hallmark card shop, lol.

Have a great Mother's Day yourself!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post - very passionate and sincere. Happy Mother's Day! :)

Helen Ginger said...

Happy Mother's Day, Nancy. Hope you day is wonderful. Your son sounds as though he is quite special.

Straight From Hel

Galen Kindley said...

Very sweet post Nancy. Let me comment on a couple of your topics.

My Favorite Memory… This immediately put me in mind of the Merle haggard song. Kinda pretty. Here’s a link.

Power of Words…Your points are very true. Took me a while to really understand this. I now try to think before I speak, especially if the speak is not a bark, but a bite.

Your First Job…Yeah, helping those who are not always able to help themselves is a special, special joy.

Best Regards, Galen.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I also thought becoming a mom was my greatest moment, until I found out how it felt to become a grandmother (technically a step-grandmother, but I don't think I could feel any more grandmotherly than I already do). That's like becoming a mom but with none of the associated stress and sleep-deprivation. I'm still awed by my own reaction, and my hubby was comical to watch. There he was, holding a four-week baby in his lap, reading Good Night, Moon out loud. Too funny!


Galen Kindley said...

A very warm and sweet post. A couple of thoughts on some of your points.

My Favorite Memory: Put me in mind of the Merle Hagard song. Kinda pretty…

Your First Job: Oh, yes, helping others who are not always able to help themselves is a wonderful joy. There’s a special place in heaven for those who do this.

My Best Moment: I’m working on trying to figure this one out for myself. Not that I have all that many candidates, but, not sure what the criteria should be. Don’t want something vacuous, but don’t want to exclude important things either.

For example, graduating from flight school…lo those many years ago...was a big, big deal, but, does it rise to level of Life’s Best Moment? Should that that be something more….ethereal. Make for the musings of a good blog post, I guess.

Thanks for having me by, Galen.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I typed a comment about becoming a grandmother and it may have disappeared into the twilight zone when I clicked on Publish. Maybe I need more sleep.

I won't repeat the same comments, Nancy, but I wanted to let you know I was here and enjoyed your post. Happy Mother's Day.


N A Sharpe said...

Marvin and Helen, thank you so much for stopping by. Yes, my son is quite special indeed. Thanks ;)

Galen, thank you for stopping by and your comments - like the Merle Haggard link! And the part about words is very true - people often do not realize the impact of their words.

I haven't had the opportunity to experience grandparenthood yet, but I am sure it will be a joy beyond words. I get a great picture of your hubby sitting with that tiny baby reading Good Night Moon. What a great thought.

Thank you all for stopping by. I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!


Alexis Grant said...

Very fitting Mother's Day post!

N A Sharpe said...

Thank you, Alexis and I appreciate you stopping by.


Ann Parker said...

And Happy Mother's Day to you! A great post that fits the day...

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