Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Release Tuesday May 26 2009

The City & The City by China Mieville (Hardcover)
This book is a nice example of crossover genres. It combines urban fantasy with mystery.

A review by Jessica Moyer states “Fantasy author MiĆ©ville (Looking for Jake, 2005) puts his own unique spin on the detective story. Inspector Tyador Borlu, a lonely police detective, is assigned to the murder of a young woman found dumped in a park on the edge of Beszel, an old city, decaying and mostly forgotten, situated in an unspecified area on the southeastern fringes of Europe. But Beszel does not exist alone; it shares much of the same physical space with Ul Qoma. Each city retains a distinct culture and style, and the citizenry of both places has elaborate rules and rituals to avoid the dreaded Breach, which separates the two across space and time. This unique setting becomes one of the most important and well-developed characters in the novel, playing a pivotal role in the mystery when Tyador discovers that his murder case is much more complex than a dumped body, requiring “international” cooperation with the Ul Qoman authorities. Eschewing the preliminary world-building techniques of many fantasy books, MiĆ©ville dumps the reader straight into Tyador’s world of crosshatching and unseeing, only gradually developing and explaining his one-of-a kind setting. Suggest to readers who enjoyed Michael Chabon’s alternate-history mystery, The Yiddish Policemen’s Union (2007), or to fans of the futuristic urban setting in A. L. Martinez’s Automatic Detective (2008). An excellent police procedural and a fascinating urban fantasy, this is essential reading for all mystery and fantasy fans.”

For our vampire and erotic theme enthusiasts, I suggest
Blood Noir (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter) by Laurell K. Hamilton.
Publishers Weekly describes this book as “Anita's endlessly erotic adventures as a living vampire with many weird lovers. Anita serves her vampire sweetie Jean-Claude, Master of the City of St. Louis, obsessed with feeding him and her own need to leech off of others' sexual pleasure or ardeur while retaining her rep as vampire executioner (despite the seeming conflict of interest), U.S. marshal and necromancer. She's also accompanying her bed-buddy Jason Schuyler to visit his dying estranged father in North Carolina. After arriving, Jason's mistaken for his rich cousin Keith Summerland, who's ditched his bride-to-be to run off with the wife of a vampire Master, giving Anita a case to solve between wild orgies with wereanimals. Hamilton chronicles Anita's escapades with a growing air of ennui, which longtime readers can't help sharing as sex increasingly takes the place of plot and character development.”

And, finally, as an attempt to link the theme of fantasy and the recent Memorial holiday, may I suggest a popular military Sci-fi story,
Sempter Human: Book Three of the Inheritance Trilogy by Ian Douglas Okay, maybe I’m reaching a bit to relate this to Memorial Day as these are Star Marines and the story takes place in another galaxy but this is, after all a fantasy and sci-fi theme blog (*grin*)…work with me.
The description of this book reads “Chaos has erupted throughout the known galaxy, threatening countless colonies and orbital habitats—as the Associative struggles vainly to keep the peace. Extreme measures are called for in these times of dire crisis, and the Star Marines are awakened from their voluntary 850-year cybe-hibe sleep. But General Trevor Garroway and his warriors are about to discover that the old rules of engagement have drastically changed…

The end begins with an old-style assault on rebels at the Tarantula Stargate. But true terror looms at the edges of known reality. Humankind's eternal enemy—the brutal, unstoppable Xul—approaches, wielding a weapon monstrous beyond imagining. Suddenly not only is the future in jeopardy, but the past is as well—and if the Marines fail to eliminate their relentless xenophobic foe once and for all, the Great Annihilator will obliterate every last trace of human existence.
So, pull up a chair, your favorite coffee-house beverage (or whatever you prefer), and try a touch of fantasy/sci-fi blended with a familiar genre. You may like the variation.

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Alexis Grant said...

I enjoy these new release posts... It reminds me that there are more genres out there than the ones I read. Keep 'em coming!

Helen Ginger said...

The City & The City sounds really intriguing. I'd like to see how it's handled and how it's made believable. Thanks for the recommendation.

Straight From Hel

Anonymous said...

Interesting sounding books - thanks for the leads & reviews. :)

The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I'm interested in "The City and the City," too....interesting to see how the crossover between genres works. Thanks for the tip.

Mystery Writing is Murder

N A Sharpe said...

Hi Alexis,
I like to try to keep on top of some of the new releases - it is impossilbe to track everything, and my virtual "to be read" bookshelves are bulging now, but I like knowing the possibilities of what is out there waiting to be discovered!

Nancy, from Just a Thought…

N A Sharpe said...

Hi Helen, Marvin and Elizabeth!

The City & The City is the one that caught my eye as well. I like the mystery mixed in with fantasy.

I tried to find examples that might appeal more to your tastes in genres with the blends. There are some interesting selections this week (obviously not all listed however)

Thanks for stopping by!

Nancy, from Just a Thought…

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