Monday, March 23, 2009

Behold, I Tell You a Mystery

Last night I went to a memorial service for a friend. It was a wonderful celebration for an amazing life. Claire Carter Malone Short valiantly fought her battle against the monster called breast cancer -conquered the demon - and lived the past several years in a more tranquil (yet tentative) realm called remission. But, as demons have a tendency to do, the beast reared its ugly head and began attacking again with a renewed vengeance.

Claire was in Germany for aggressive treatment, an ally enlisted to assist in her brave battle. Sadly, it was not enough, and she succumbed to the inevitable. As her time drew near, was able to have her husband, children and grandchildren by her side to tell them again how precious they all were to her and that her love would always be with them. Later that night she surrendered her pain and now frail mortal body to the promise of eternal life among the angels. While her physical presence will be missed in this mortal realm by her friends, family and (literally) the thousands of lives she touched and influenced, her strength, love, friendship and guidance will forever live among us.


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