Thursday, June 26, 2008


Life. That pesky thing we deal with day in and day out. Well, more precisely, things going on within our personal lives, our working lives, the kids, the dogs (or other pets if you like), the house, the family, extended family and friends, medical issues and aging parents, the ins and outs of details that must be dealt with (yes, the car). Life is a juggling act of trying to balance and attend to so many things within any given day and lately I feel all the bowling pins and balls I am juggling are slipping out of kilter - thank goodness I am not juggling knives, lol. It is exhausting.

I need rejuvination. I need escapism. I need to write and escape into the worlds of my imagination and put those stories to paper. The often small and quiet voice of my Muse is getting louder, urging me (okay, shouting at me) to find solitude and peace and "write dang it, write!" Unfortunately, life comes at you hard and fast sometimes and things must be dealt with and before you know it, time has slipped away with the waning day and mental exhaustion overtakes the therapeutic need to write.

I have so many writing projects actively going on that I need to attend to: the adult fantasy novel, the young adult fantasy novel, blogs, smaller stories. I have been invited to four other projects that I REALLY want to do...but time does not always cooperate - in a perfect world, perhaps...a writer's fantasy.

My creative outlet recently has been a website I am "designing". Yes, the quotation marks are necessary. Anyone who knows me is probably rolling on the floor laughing hysterically at the though of technologically challenged me even thinking of trying such an endeavor. Actually, I think the site is coming along pretty well and as soon as I can tweak a couple wrinkles out of it, (and add a little more content) I will be opening it up and inviting everyone to visit.

Now, I need to get back to life and the responsibilities that go with it. But tonight, I promise myself yet again, I am writing!


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